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Speedy Bail Bonds
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Speedy Bail Bond

Speedy Bail Bond (Across From Jail), owned by Buddy Meyer, is located at 1265 South 27th in Abilene, Texas. Speedy is obviously the NO. 1 bail bond company in Abilene since we write more bonds than any other bond company. How else do you determine satisfaction? The last two years we wrote over $5 million in bonds and the 12 years prior we wrote $4 million every year. These facts make Speedy Bail Bond ‘Bondsman of the Decade’.

Please don’t hesitate to call my staff any time day or night and you’ll be amazed how nice, friendly and helpful we are with your desire to get a friend or loved one out of jail. Speedy Bail Bond also has an insurance company that has the ability to bond your friend, relative or loved one out of jail nationwide.

If you have an outstanding warrant out for your arrest we can do a walk thru at the jail and have you out in 15 minutes. Call Speedy Bail Bond, your friendly bondsman. We care about you!