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Cost of Bail

Bail is the amount of money that is traded for the release of the accused until the completion of the individual’s trial. If they successfully comply with the bail requirements, the defendant or payee of the bail will receive a full refund of the bail amount. This bail amount is based on the crime that the individual has been accused of committing. Similar crimes receive similar bail amounts across Texas, regardless of which county the crime was committed in. For providing the service of pre-trial release, Speedy Bail Bond charges a percentage of the total bail amount. This fee is not refundable and is based on the case details.

How Long Does It Take?

The paperwork takes approximately 15-30 minutes. The release time after the jail receives our paperwork is generally one hour or less for local police stations and 2-4 hours for county jails. Generally speaking, the busier the holding facility, the longer it takes.

What Is Collateral?

A bench warrant is issued for your arrest and your name will appear in police bulletins as a fugitive. Generally, the court also authorizes the bail agency arrest authority as well. The bail agency will then find you and make you appear in court. Whomever guaranteed your appearance by posting collateral, will want to convince you to surrender to the police or court as soon as possible. Normally, if you are returned before actual remittance to the state, you can usually get your collateral back. If you do not surrender and cannot be found by the forfeiture date, the bail agency remits the entire bond to the court and proceeds with legal action to liquidate your collateral.

What Happens If You Don’t Appear In Court?

Collateral is something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default. Items of major collateral such as a car, boat, motorhome, etc. and must have a clear title. Sometimes personal items of high value such as jewelry and firearms can be used as collateral. Any collateral must be surrendered to the bail agent who will hold them in a safe and secure place. These items are normally valued at their current resale value, not what you originally paid for them.